Diplomas offered by the Faculty of Medicine are recognized:

–        within the EU in accordance with the E.E.C. directive no. 36/2005 – graduates can practice inside the European Union without requiring any equivalency diploma examination.

–        in non-EU countries, equivalency examinations are taken depending on country-specific legislation

To certify the quality of education offered by the FM, it was assessed by:

– University Medicine in Vienna and Szeged in 2012

– EUA – European University Association, in 2012 and 2014

– Assessment Board of CIDMEF 2013 after which the CIDMEF General Assembly has given the FM in Cluj, a quality diploma – ʺLabel CIDMEFʺ unique of its kind in Southeastern Europe. (Conférence Internationale des Doyens et des Facultés de Médecine d’Expression Française / International Conference of Deans and Faculties of Medicine of French Expression)